SVPI has started the first of a possible II - III Part formal investigation into reported paranormal activity at the equinox resort in manchester, VT.

SVPI gained certain evidence supporting the reported"Residual" haunt, however staff interviews have painted a different picture and further investigation will have to occur before an official assessment can be made.

Staff have reported a little boy wearing a hooded shirt and an older woman who eye witnesses have compared to Mary Todd Lincoln. After checking historical data we believe that this may be Mary Todd Lincoln and her youngest son, who died at the age of 4, Edward Lincoln.

We also investigated the marsh taven, chop house, and library after-hours.

an image of a cat was seen, however there were in fact no cats in the hotel at the time.

A stair case leading to our room, was a hotbed of paranormal activity and the EMF Reader buried in this area.

The orbs in the photos to the right were not present during the day when we took our baseline readings and initial photos. However the closer it got to around 3am the more orbs showed up. Then, they came to a strong presence, and then about 30 minutes later, as if their energy was dieing out, they began to fade...

Our IR Camera took almost continous footage. Everytime we would leave the room the camera would snap to the upward position. This is not a normal function of the camera in this setting. This was very strange.

SVPI is in the process of reviewing the EVP Recordings and IR footage. There were many orbs present at all times of the day on our IR Camera....



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